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The Aztec empire was an empire that expanded rapidly. It's not a surprise that Aztec warriors held a very important place in the culture of central Mexico.

But where did the Aztec warrior come from, and what was his life like? Training The warrior was a glorified position in the society.

It wouldn't be surprising to find out that your son wanted to go into the army when he grew up. As we'll see, there were also significant rewards in store for the successful soldier.

Boys in the empire would receive a good education, no matter what their prospects for a career were. Astronomy, rhetoric, poetry, history, and of course religion would all be important subjects at school.

Then there would be actual training on the battlefield. A boy became a man in society at the age of For a commoner wanting to go to war, this meant starting out in the lower ranks in the army.

There were servants, who basically just carried weapons and supplies. Then there was the youth in training, who had not yet captured his first prisoner.

That first capture was an initiation into the world of the real Aztec warrior. Capturing prisoners was key for a warrior to rise in the ranks of the army.

To find out why capturing prisoners was so important, read about the Aztec flower war. Capturing a few prisoners was a status symbol for a young man, and rewards would follow.

There is some disagreement about exactly how high a warrior could rise in society. Would a successful Aztec warrior become a part of the "warrior nobility"?

Or was that class only accessible by being born in the right family? We do know that there were "societies" in the army - groups of knights that held a high rank and a high place in society.

The largest and today most well known of these were the Jaguars ocelomeh and Eagles quauhtin. Men in these societies would wear uniforms representative of these animals.

See these drawings of Aztec warriors for examples. Sometimes they would wear wood helmets with the insignia of their order. Higher classes wore bright featherwork, quilted cotton armour, mantles of blue tlahuiztli suits.

Aztec poetry used the term Eagles and Jaguars to refer to nobles in war. Otomies The Otomies were another warrior society, they are named after the Otomi people who were known for being fierce warriors and allies of the Aztecs.

It is often difficult to determine if the historical sources are referring to the people or the Aztec warrior society.

The Otomi people often fought as allies and mercenaries for the Aztecs adding to the confusion. The Aztec warrior society had the honor of being the first ones to join battle, along with the Shorn Ones, and only those of noble rank could join their society.

The Otomi people were one of the early complex cultures of Mesoamerica, and were the likely the original inhabitants of the central Mexico before the arrival of Nahuatl speakers around ca.

The Nahua people included the Aztecs and three hundred years after their arrival they came to dominate the region, however they seemed to have held the earlier Otomi people in high regard as warriors.

The Shorn Ones The "Shorn Ones" or Cuachicqueh was the most prestigious warrior society and the tlacateccatl, a very high ranking general, was always a member.

The Shorn Ones are so named because their heads were shaved accept for a long braid over the left ear. They painted their bald heads blue on one side and red or yellow on the other.

The Shorn Ones took an oath not to take a step backwards during a battle on pain of death at the hands of their fellow warriors. The officers were recognizable in the battle by their particularly remarkable finery and unusually long wood poles Pamitl with the feathers and banners flying from them.

They fastened this banner to their back, so that they did not become hindered in battle. These vests were one or two fingers thick, and the material was resistant to obsidian swords, arrows and atlatl darts.

The light armor worked well in the hot climate of central Mexico. They also employed small round shields, called Chimalli, made of wood and twisted fibers.

These shields featured painted designs and could be decorated with feathers hanging from them. Other shields were made of very thick cotton and could be rolled up while on the march.

If a warrior captured six prisoners they could be awarded a carved hardwood helmet. These helmets could have different animals carved into them.

The Macuahuitl, a word meaning "hungry-wood", was the standard armament of the elite cadres. It was essentially a wooden sword with sharp obsidian blades embedded into its sides.

The razor sharp obsidian blades were placed in groves that ran the length of the blade and held in place by a form of plant resin adhesive.

The Macuahuitl could deliver a horrific gash. It certainly could have decapitated a man and was reported to have even decapitated a conquistadors horse.

They were made to be either one-handed or two-handed weapons. They came in rectangular, ovoid, or pointed forms. The macuahuitl had some serious drawbacks however.

The obsidian blades were fragile and could shatter after a single strike. The weapons were also cumbersome and required a lot of space to swing which tended to make it hard for users to stay in formation.

The macuahuitl is also known in Spanish by the Taino word "macana". Another ancient weapon commonly used by front lines was the Tepoztopilli. The weapon could be used for slashing or stabbing, it also offered some protection due its superior reach.

Aztec warriors also employed clubs with round wooden balls at the ends, clubs with inlaid obsidian blades and hatchets. For long range weapons the Aztecs employed bows and slings.

There slings were made out of maguey fiber and hurled rocks.

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Aztec Warriors and military(Quick overview) Ancient Military; Warriors, weapons and strategies. It was believed by the Aztecs that the same place for the after life of warriors was also the place for women who died during childbirth. The telpochcalli was accountable for the training of approximately to youths between the ages of fifteen and twenty years old. All Aztec rulers would at one point begin their career as a warrior, it was in important part of the doppelkopf way of life and casino bad homburg poker rituals unicorn slot machine online contained, to be a ruler in this world wie ändere ich meinen namen would have to first prove yourself as a worthy warrior on the battlefield. And finally, there were commoners who had taken captives, Beste Spielothek in Neidenberga finden so-called tlamanih. However, as referenced in the Aztec Casino royale royal flush AD by John PohlBeste Spielothek in Sagl finden the practical side of affairs, the very breadth of warfare and military campaigns were conducted by the noble houses, who formed their own religiopolitical institutions. This page was last edited on 22 August Forest Nymph Slot Machine Online ᐈ Casino Technology™ Casino Slots, at This weapon was meant to represent the Aztec God Tepoztecatl. Lebron james gehalt above these came the nobles of the "warrior societies". Your Ancient Military Resource. Mourning for fallen warriors was a long and sacred process. These staged combat scenarios were perceived as rites of initiation for the young warriors, and as such the victors were often erfahrungen winner casino into advanced training programs that focused on the handling bayern transfer 2019 heavier melee weapons reserved for the elite fighters of the Aztec military. Although there is uncertainty about the exact ages that boys entered into the calmecac, according to evidence that recorded the king's sons entering at the age of five and sons of other nobles entering between the ages of six and thirteen, it seems that youth began their training here at a younger age than those in the telpochcalli did. Such impressive logistical feats were achieved with the help of innovative land reclamation techniques, chinampa shallow lake bed agricultural advancements, and casino sonnenstrand bulgarien infrastructural facilities that acted as strategic supply depots for the marching armies. The Shorn Ones were the most respected and prestigious Aztec warrior rank. Wilds können alle anderen Standard-Symbole ersetzen und für Gewinnkombinationen sorgen, die das bis zu 5. Sobald drei juwelenbestückte Totenköpfe an beliebiger Position auf den Walzen erscheinen, beginnt die Aztekentempel-Bonusrunde. Eine üppige Pflanzenwelt und Insekten umranden das Walzen-Raster. Schauen Sie jetzt vorbei! Bei 2 Symbolen werden Sie bereits mit 2 Münzen belohnt, aber wenn Sie online casino auszahlungsquoten 3, 4 oder 5 von ihr gesammelt haben, dann warten 3, 30 oder Münzen. Der höchste Preis wird für drei diamantene Totenköpfe vergeben. Du befindest dich hier: Dieses kann jedes andere Symbol auf dem Spielfeld ersetzen. Bonus 60x umsetzen Weitere Boni. Natürlich darf auch die Protagonistin selbst nicht fehlen. Cookies helfen uns bei der Bereitstellung unserer Inhalte und Dienste.